Spirit of Hospitality – 2016 Fourth Quarter Winners Announced

Congratulations to this quarter’s Spirit of Hospitality Award winners! These employees are recognized for their world class hospitality, always going above and beyond to exceed guest expectations and make our guests feel welcome.


Our winners were invited to Dartcor’s Corporate Office for breakfast with President Warren Leeds and enjoyed the remainder of the day off with pay in appreciation of their exemplary service and work ethic.

Thanks to all who participated and to our award winners!


“Leonor is very involved with her co-workers and consistently goes above and beyond each day. She makes herself available when others need help to get the job done. She listens to our guests, always ready with a smile to make them happy. Leonor never says no, willing to do any and everything for our guests. It is an absolute pleasure to have her working on my team.” – Chef Ohnet


“Raul a great chef and I can always count on him to take care of any needs a customer would have without a worry. His manners on the Grill and Deli Station are second to none.  He takes steps to go the extra mile for customers and for that he is rewarded with continued visitations and customers who will wait for him to finish with another customer, so they can order specifically from him.  Raul has no problems lending a hand to his fellow worker, even if he is behind himself.  He thrives on the challenges of the kitchen and because of that attitude his customers receive a great product they can enjoy. Raul’s attitude and personality are key attributes that bring credit to himself, the success of the unit, and to Dartcor.” – Chef Ray


“Tashaleigh is a model employee. She’s been by my side since the beginning. She’s very committed, and goes out of her way to make sure our guests are happy. She works with integrity, stays organized, and does everything above par, exceeding expectations at all times.  It is a pleasure of mine and the client’s to work with her.” – Chef Bruce


“I could not be prouder of Cris. He has taken the ball and created a warm and friendly environment. His ability to listen and lead by example has left a big impression. He has quickly become part of the Ingersoll Rand family. Congratulations, Cris, on showing the true qualities of excellent hospitality!” – Regional Manager Jay


“Arianna is like my left hand. Without her, my day would be a lot more difficult. She is very reliable, trustworthy, and will always get the job done. Arianna goes above and beyond every day in the BOH and FOH and takes much pride in her work. She does the grill for breakfast and lunch, as well as a beautiful salad bar daily. She is a strong, reliable worker, and I appreciate her greatly. I can count on her to get the job done and the customers love her!” – Chef Jessica

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