From a gourmet market to curated corporate dining services 

Man handing coffee to customer
Man handing coffee to customer


Founded in 1985, Dartcor Food Services began as a gourmet market and cafe that quickly became locally renowned for its delicious food and friendly service—ultimately expanding into high-end catering, fine dining restaurants, country clubs and select corporate cafes.

Over the last five years, businesses increasingly utilize food as a benefit to recruit and retain the best people, and in turn, Dartcor has sharpened its focus on corporate dining. With the same approach to food and service that made us successful in high-end restaurants and events, Dartcor has become a trusted hospitality partner for some of the most respected companies in the world, providing culture-shifting corporate dining excellence. When this critical component of a premium employee experience is thoughtfully designed to enhance the health and well-being of every employee, the results are beneficial for all.

Dartcor begins with the highest quality ingredients, sourcing from local farms wherever possible, leading to preparation by a culinary team recruited from top tier culinary institutions and renowned restaurants. Their already comprehensive education is further supported by a team of professionals continuously guide our corporate dining staff on the highest standards of first-class hospitality and ingredient sourcing.

Creating unique corporate dining services for daily guests requires thoughtful and constant planning. Our on-site staff is guided by the Dartcor Marketing and Health and Wellness teams, which regularly analyze food trends, new products coming onto the market and, most importantly,  remain up to date on optimal nutrition practices to keep everyone well-nourished, healthy and safe.

Dartcor has excelled by building a diverse team and deep relationships with our clients, partners, vendors and surrounding communities. Now more than ever, the ability to draw on these resources and experience across our family of businesses allows easy adaptation to our clients’ changing needs during these unprecedented times.


Dartcor Differentiators


Dartcor builds teams committed to creating raves through every stakeholder interaction by taking care of each other, our guests, our community, and our suppliers. Our ability to recruit, train, and retain hospitality-minded teams allows us to build lasting relationships with our clients, partners, vendors, and broader network.


Dartcor’s culinary team creates supremely delicious food, balancing speed of service and excellence of presentation–without ever compromising quality.


As a regional food service provider, Dartcor takes its role as stewards of your team’s health and the environment seriously. We work closely with renowned nutritionists to offer healthy options that feature locally-sourced produce and decreasing our carbon footprint.


Dartcor is more than just a food service company; we are an employee engagement tool. Our menus and bespoke food-centric programming are designed to enhance the workplace. Through food, we help our clients attract and retain the best people..


Dartcor’s success is predicated on building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust. To do this, we create open lines of communications across our organization, ensuring quick response times and regular reporting on your food service operations.


Powered by the same technology as leading restaurant chains, Dartcor is able to offer convenient, safe mobile ordering and outpost pickup for your team, leverage data for operational insights, and create custom reports for unparalleled transparency.