They may come for the dough, but they will stay for the plant-based chocolate chip cookies, and ‘doing lunch’ without leaving the building.

Absenteeism costs employers an average of 21% of payroll every year. Combat absenteeism by providing healthier, more nutritious food choices and receive the added benefit of lower health care costs as well!

Nearly 70% of healthcare costs are related to bad lifestyle choices such as poor diet, diabetes and excessive stress. Offering healthy and delicious corporate dining services not only improves the lives of your employees, it also improves the health of your bottomline.

When employees believe that their employer cares about their wellbeing they are 38% more engaged and 18% more likely to put in extra effort to make the company more successful.

Eating with coworkers creates a greater sense of community and camaraderie in the workplace. Employees that dine together have been shown to be more productive, collaborative and generally healthier than those that dine alone.

We Treat
Corporate Dining
Like Corporate

Our Chefs could be running a high-end restaurant, but they choose to create with us because of the freedom and work-life balance. Bringing in high-caliber culinary talent with obsessive attention-to-detail is just one more way that we make our corporate dining services feel more inviting.

good people who
about your people

It’s that simple. Go the extra mile. We think of those we serve as work-friends – we just happen to work in the kitchen.

conference table

We know where our food comes from. We source local, seasonal, fresh and nutrient-rich ingredients from real farmers – from the arugula in our salads to the heirloom tomatoes in our sauces.

Our Financials
are Always Open

We prepare customized reports with real-time data and analytics, so you can track our performance with desired financial results. Just as our Chefs take pride in their menu, our leadership team takes pride in Dartcor’s relationship with you – ensuring that one of us is always a phone call away.