Dartcor Establishes Strategic Partnership with New Stand at Work to Bring Tech-Driven Grab-and-Go Platform to Northeast

Dartcor, the region’s leading provider of premier corporate dining services, announces it has been named the first operating partner to New Stand, an amenities provider for microcommunities in the New York City and Philadelphia metro areas. Established in 2015, New Stand is a New York City-based day improvement company pioneering tech-powered “newsstands” to provide everyday conveniences, curated goods, and exclusive experiences. The company’s New Stand at Work product is focused on expanding the New Stand concept into office buildings across the country.

Built to redefine the traditional office experience, New Stand at Work offers contactless micromarket solutions powered by propriety point-of-sale technologies, giving employees seamless access to snacks, beverages and grab-and-go meals, as well as helpful products such as pain relievers and umbrellas. Today, the company has 20 locations across the US. With an eye towards continued growth, New Stand announced a $40-million Series B funding round led by Brookfield Property Group, one of the largest real estate owners in the United States, earlier this year.

The partnership will enable New Stand at Work to bring Dartcor’s chef driven grab-and-go menu to their markets in office buildings across the region. In addition, Dartcor will be the first corporate food service provider to offer New Stand’s one-of-a-kind grab-and-go solutions in the Philadelphia and New York City metro markets.

“Dartcor and New Stand share a common vision of what tomorrow’s workplace could and should be. In combining the New Stand’s technology, media, and design expertise with our culinary and hospitality strength, we can offer a workplace dining experience that is more convenient, healthier and more sustainable,” said Warren Leeds, CEO of Dartcor. “Together, this partnership will continue to leverage the power of food and hospitality to ease the transition back to the office for employees.”

“Dartcor is an ideal partner for us in corporate office settings, as their approach, philosophy and commitment to quality align perfectly with New Stand’s” noted Andrew Deitchman, CEO and co-founder of New Stand.  “New Stand at Work is all about creating highly-curated experiences around each installation that make peoples’ days better.  Offering, locally-sourced, high-quality, delicious, fresh food is an important part of the formula for success.”

About Dartcor

Dartcor is the region’s leading provider of premier corporate dining services, delivering world-class hospitality experiences that transform today’s workplaces.

By blending culinary excellence with technology and sustainability to create delectable food options designed to enhance the health and well-being of both people and organizations, Dartcor is redefining the entire corporate dining experience.

Inspired by world-class chefs and culinary experts, Dartcor’s highly customized food service programs elevate corporate dining and deliver unique hospitality experiences that help make the return to the workplace exciting, healthy and engaging. Built around an attention to detail, creativity and high-touch customer service, Dartcor’s services are guided by an understanding that food has a unique power to not only nourish individuals but to fuel organizational culture and enhance the bottom line by increasing engagement and promoting employee wellbeing for a healthier, more efficient workplace.

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