9 Ways to Stay Active this Fall

This Saturday, September 24th is Family Health and Fitness Day. This national holiday encourages increased physical activity and healthy living.

With the chill in the air, there are so many great activities you can plan for yourself and your families this fall. Spending time outdoors has its benefits as well. Studies have shown it boosts your creativity and focus, improves your mood and self-esteem, and increases your vitamin D levels (which helps your body fight infections). Exercising outdoors is also more challenging, which gives your body a better workout. Just something to keep in mind when deciding how to keep your family more active.

Try some of these healthy and fun activities to keep your family moving for Family Health and Fitness Day and throughout the fall season:

Go for a family bike ride

Break out the bikes and go out as a family together for a cycle around the neighborhood. Be sure to wear protective gear and ride in safe areas.


Visit a local park

Enjoy all that nature has provided for you and go for a hike or stroll in a park. This is the least expensive way to get some exercise. Teach your children about the history of your town and point out natural features to help them learn about their surroundings.

Pumpkin picking

We are lucky to have so many wonderful pumpkin patches in New Jersey. Walk around and get some exercise while you search for the perfect pumpkin to carve or decorate for the season.

Take a trip to a local zoo

Walking through a zoo from exhibit to exhibit can be a great way to get some physical activity. We have several local zoos that can help you exercise while learning a thing or two. If it’s a rainy day, you can check out aquariums and still keep those legs moving.


Go get lost in a corn maze

Google your local corn maze and take a trip to run around and play a little hide and seek. Farms change their corn maze designs each year, and there are fun activities included such as hayrides and pumpkin picking.

A friendly game

Get your family and friends outside for a friendly game of football, catch, soccer, basketball, hide and seek, or wiffle ball.

Raking leaves

Take the kids outside and have them help you rake up the falling leaves. Make it fun by jumping into the piles when you are done. Rake them back together again, and repeat!

Apple picking

Tis the season! Plan an outing to a local farm or cider mill that offers apple picking. Walk through the orchard and pick delicious apples to snack on and use in fall recipes. Apples offer many health benefits; they are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants. and vitamin C. Be sure to eat the skin whenever possible as that is where the majority of the apple’s nutrients are present.

Stop at a museum

Rainy day? No problem. Stay on your feet at a local museum and learn about your state history, the people who settled here, trains, cars, or see some art.

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