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Need to eat on the run? Dartcor’s freshly prepared Office Grab & Go sandwiches, salads and snacks  provide delicious options for eating on the go.

Dartcor Food Services - sandwich on artisan bread
Dartcor Food Services - sandwich on artisan bread


Freshly prepared office Grab & Go options are perfect for lunch on the run or a healthy snack mid-afternoon. A selection of freshly prepared salads, sandwiches and snacks complemented by local, seasonally harvested fruits and a snack shelf full of appealing options is the perfect solution when time is of the essence.

Picture a wall of spa waters that mirror the seasons, fresh brewed iced teas and seasonal “ades” that go beyond just lemon. Your favorite yogurts, quarks and

dairy-free yogurt options along with overnight oats and acai bowls can help kick-start a productive day. For lunch we provide a selection of both standard and artisan sandwiches, grain bowls, balanced plates and salads. Check out our Sample Grab & Go Menu Here.

We only use condiments and breads that fall under the category of Organic, and if not organic, nonGMO and always with 0 Transfat. Our packaging and product is 100% sustainable, always seasonal and whenever possible local.

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