with curated corporate dining services 


In 2019 Dartcor established a service relationship overseeing conference services with a boutique law firm in NYC. Prior to engaging with Dartcor, our client was under contract with a large multinational dining services company and was looking to upgrade their hospitality and conference service offerings.

In addition, it was apparent that there was a lack of trust and communication with regional and upper management. Our President and senior team immediately worked to develop a relationship with our client and their team to understand both the overall goal and the details that would make the firm best-in-class in NYC.

OUR team immediately took steps to:

  • Meet with the predecessor’s employees and discover a phenomenal team was missing a coach.
  • Interview and meet with one of the best hospitality professionals with an education and working background in service and conference dining.
  • Dartcor’s Director of Hospitality led a training program to reinvigorate the guest experience and create raves at every opportunity.
  • Develop visual displays for standard beverage set-ups as well as versatile pieces that could be used for both conference and high-end catering.


As is in any Dartcor managed account from full-service cafes to barista-managed coffee bars, we fully customize the solution to fit the needs of the client. We selected a uniform together that fit their office culture, met with the senior team at the firm to understand their needs and built a living transition plan to ensure a seamless transition.

These changes led to the following:

  • A 36% reduction in the overall cost and monthly subsidy.
  • Consolidation of services – we now oversee conference services, facilities and general administrative tasks.
  • A client who has recommended us on several other projects and stated “you have changed the culture of our office overnight!”