Why Healthy Meals Are The Best Way to Welcome Employees Back to The Workplace

Put yourself in the shoes of your employees. They’ve been in the comfort of their homes, presumably cooking more, getting their work done on their own time, and enjoying more personal time than they’ve ever been allotted in their entire career.

Suddenly, they’re being jolted back into the office where they can’t enjoy hourly Zoom calls with grandma, and they now face the daily struggle of where they’re going to eat for lunch. Which, by the way, is increasingly more difficult than it was before with masks and lengthy lines added into the mix.

As an employer, you can save the day (every day!) by welcoming your company back with healthy, whole foods-focused meals. This will not only relieve some stress away from your office employees around meal time, but it can also lessen all of the other stressors they’re dealing with throughout the workday.

How Food Plays A Role In The Workday

Food is one of the strongest mediums in which communities can be built upon. Add in healthy, fresh, whole foods and it can become even stronger. Because we are directly affected by the foods we eat, healthy food in the workplace can be the difference between a long-term, happy employee, and a year or less turnaround, on-the-fence employee.

When people are well-fed, they perform better in all areas of their life. Take TV and movie sets, for example. They’re known for having the best of the best catering, because their success depends on it.

Returning to the workplace is going to be a tough transition for many people, so welcoming them back with open arms (that also bear new amenities) is going to be crucial. Instead of expecting your employees’ return, rejoice in it. Show them that you appreciate their ability to adapt by praising them with healthy, delicious meals.

Providing wellness-focused food will communicate that you care about your employees’ health, and know that their ability to produce great work depends on it. Food is fuel, and it’s important that your company runs on premium.

Healthy, Fresh Foods Help To:

  • Increase productivity
  • Support self-motivation
  • Improve morale
  • Directly benefit overall health
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Allow for better sleep
  • Improve mood
  • And more

High-fat, high-sugar, processed foods are directly correlated to weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, restlessness, and more. When you reduce the likelihood of your staff to make those unhealthy choices, you increase the chance of company prosperity and overall happiness.

Some families may have enjoyed their time at home, while others may have been tending to sick relatives and feeling trapped. If you have parents on your staff, imagine how many meals they’ve cooked for not only themselves, but for their spouses and children, too. They’re most likely exhausted (and have made every variation of banana bread possible).

Welcome your employees back by being as warm and hospitable as possible, and showcasing compassion for their transition. Offering healthy meals is one way that you can make a big difference in their return.

About Dartcor’s Healthy Meals

Delicious whole-grain, seasonal protein bowls, grilled falafel wraps, custom salads and organic chicken soup are just a few of our favorite menu items. Dartcor’s fresh meals can help your employees avoid the 2 o’clock slump, and focus on tasks without feeling overwhelmed about their food choices.

We offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and nut free options so that everyone in your office has choices, regardless of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Our meal program provides contactless ordering and pick-up, and we even give companies the option to place daily grocery orders. Our offerings make welcoming employees back simple.