Summer Sizzle: Bringing the Corporate BBQ To You!

Bring on the checkered tablecloths, picnic baskets, competitive horseshoe games, bronze tans, and corn on the cob! Summer is coming and that calls for BBQs, grillin’, and chillin’.  But who says the BBQ has to stay in the backyard; the summer theme should shine through to the corporate world, too, and what better way to promote employee bonding, corporate events, and healthy eating (yes, I said healthy) than a good old Bar-B-Que at work! A spin on a classic, transforming the workplace into your neighbor’s backyard for the day is a fun and unique way to welcome summertime – corporate style.


Spicing up the casual corporate event is something Dartcor has committed to in order to bring the freshest seasonal foods to their guests in a fun, healthy, and, of course, delicious, way!  Who needs plain burgers, hot dogs and pasta salad when you can have flaky lemon rosemary salmon skewers, farm stand honey glazed grilled peaches, citrus marinated chicken with pineapple and avocado salsa, char grilled Parmesan rubbed corn on the cob, multi-grain pesto & pepper salad, watermelon & cucumber salad sprinkled with mint and balsamic…pause to handle the mouth watering…and the list can go on!


Utilizing one of the best seasons for a colorful combination of produce, Dartcor gets culinary creative by pairing complimentary foods that are fresh and healthy to deliver an upscale BBQ themed menu to any corporate event. Plated perfectly to accent the different textures and colors of the foods and dishes we deliver, you will forget why you ever accepted warm potato salad and a burnt hot dog on a flimsy paper plate as acceptable BBQ cuisine. Don’t get us wrong – we respect a good quality burger, but we spice it up slider style with a drizzle of Sir Kensington’s all natural chipotle mayonnaise, vine ripened tomatoes, caramelized onions, and crumbled farmer’s Bleu Cheese on a freshly baked brioche slider bun.  It’s slider partner you ask? – A crab cake with citrus cilantro radish and cabbage slaw and Dijon aioli!  We hope that you will join us this summer in celebrating and tasting all that the season has to offer…because a picnic is just that much better when you exceed your palette’s expectations. BBQ bon appetite!

Kate Coleman

Kate Coleman
General Manager
Registered Dietitian
Dartcor Food Services

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