Skip it/pick it: mastering the healthy lunch

We know that arranging your lunch is a series of small choices. Nowadays, lunch seems to be an amalgam of small things: a little bit of that leftover turkey salad, peanuts, a juice, a protein bar, a package of carrots or celery, a candy bar.

Choosing between applesauce and an apple on any given day might not seem like it matters, but if you consider you’re making that choice five days a week, fifty weeks out of the year, it really does. At Dartcor, we make all of our meals with this much attention to nutrition, and wanted to share some tips to make yours just as healthy.

Skip it: Mayo, Pick it: Avocado
Why: Avocado gives you the same satisfying creaminess and fat, but doesn’t have the saturated fat.

Skip it: Croutons, Pick it: Sunflower Seeds
Why: If you need crunch in your salad, might as well make it a protein-packed crunch (without the carbs).

Skip it: Raisins, Pick it: Grapes
Why: Though they’re fundamentally the same thing, raisins are easy to eat a lot of at a time. Grapes are packed with fiber and are also hydrating.

Skip it: Applesauce, Pick it: Apple
Why: Apples have much more fiber and nutrients and (usually) less sugar. Plus you pay much more attention to what you’re eating.

Skip it: Cream cheese on a bagel, Pick it: Natural peanut butter on a bagel
Why: Though peanut butter might be more calories, it has less saturated fat and more protein (sensing a pattern here).

Skip it: Deli meat, Pick it: Sliced tofu, roasting chicken
Why: Though deli slices are always an easy option, by going with tofu or roasted meat, you’ll get your protein without the unnecessary sodium and fat.

These choices will take you far, and over time you’ll crave the healthier options. We promise!

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