VEG OUT: It’s National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

VEG OUT! Eat your greens…. eat your vegetables… no dessert until you’re done your veggies…. snack on raw vegetables over sweets treats…. okay enough! Although informative and demanding, let’s be real, most people don’t choose vegetables as their delightful daily treat! So in honor of National Eat Your Vegetables Day…let’s try a new approach!

spiceupyourveggeis  Spice It Up

Season before you sizzle your veggies!
Utilize fresh herbs and spices to modify vegetables that you might consider boring or too plain!

stirfryyourveggies  Stir Fry 

Make your veggie side dish the main course!

pizzaanyone  Pizza Anyone?

Oh yes we said it – pizza! Vegetables can be incorporated into a crispy pizza crust!
Pack on fresh veggies and homemade tomato sauce!
Top lightly with strong cheeses and enjoy the flavors as they blend together into an amazing slice of not your usual piece of pizza!

decoratewithveggies  Decorate with Vegetables

Don’t forget the importance of a perfectly presented plate.
Adding an attractive vegetable garnish not only livens up the plate but encourages produce consumption.

dessertwithveggies  Dish Up Dessert

Not quite considered dessert usually, veggies can be incorporated into lighter versions of your favorite sweet treats.

picklevegetables  Pickle at Home

Pickling is easy to do at home, and pickled veggies make a delicious and nutritious snack or addition to sandwiches, salads and other entrees.

pickyourveggies  Pick It Yourself

Plan a day at a local farm to pick vegetables – a family fun activity!
Let the fun continue at home by cooking together!

getcreativewithyourveggies  Get Creative

Forget about boring veggies, mix and match and enjoy the fun dishes you can cook up!
For this situation – go ahead – PLAY with your food!


Vegetables are versatile. They are fun, colorful, and delicious.
We need to stop viewing vegetables as “blah” and start cooking up a little “voila!”

Kate Coleman

Kate Coleman
General Manager
Registered Dietitian
Dartcor Food Services

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