Is too much of a good thing, a bad thing?

Choices, choices, choices! That has been the mentality of consumers for many years. Diners wanted more options on their menus to choose from, hoping that maybe more choices meant better food. But lately, the recent trend has been less options of more substantial food. This may be, in part, due to the Millennials and their simplistic ways of thinking (and/or reading) or their busy schedules- they just don’t have time to sit and read through all the different menu options. Laziness? Maybe. But could shorter menus actually benefit consumers AND restaurants? The recent trend of shorter menus shows that maybe it does come down to quality vs quantity.

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Designed specifically for office delivery, Dartcor's catering menus feature delicious and nutritious dishes.

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Dartcor's commitment to running the best-managed cafes and food service facilities is unparalleled in the industry.

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