How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is more than just a smile when you greet a customer. It’s more than customer satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction tips. Knowing the customer base is at the heart of it. A customer booking a stay at a beach-side resort has different expectations than a customer staying in a convention hotel. When you learn to master the needs of the customer and to deliver consistently and effectively on those needs you begin to create overwhelming customer loyalty.


Good restaurant management is no different. Staff recognize this and provide appropriate the expected services and even throw in some extra options that guests may not be thinking about.

By addressing requests quickly, a café will have fewer complaints. Waiting on line at the grill or deli without being acknowledged will earn your café a bad review for not caring or slow service.

A quick turnaround to a question online could make the difference between gaining or losing a potential customer as well.

Train your staff on improving customer service.


When management provides a well-trained staff with an emphasis on working together for the benefit of the customer, an operation runs more smoothly and this translates to greater customer satisfaction. The constant goal in the mind of all staff members should be centered on customer satisfaction. Customers in this industry are notorious for high expectations and complaints. A staff well trained in managing complaints, but more importantly avoiding them in the first place, will do better overall.

This isn’t to say a well-run unit will never get bad reviews. A certain percentage of customers will complain no matter what. Use these opportunities to learn from what disappointed customers say and structure your system on how to achieve customer satisfaction around the positive and negative reviews.

A staff/management well versed in positive customer satisfaction, creating policy coupled with a strong sense of knowing customer needs and pride in job performance, will create an environment that draws people in and leaves them with a lasting good impression.


Michael O'Brien
Michael O’Brien
VP & Chief Growth Officer
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