Why eating at your desk isn’t right

At Dartcor, we believe lunch is a great time to get some much-needed nutrition, but it often means much more. Lunch is perfect for giving yourself a mental break, to recharge and to enjoy the food in front of you (we’re especially fans of that last part).

It seems that more and more, corporate culture promotes the idea of employees eating at their desk. While this has obvious advantages (time-saving, showing others you’re a hard worker, being on call/able to be contacted), the disadvantages might run deeper than you think.

A recent article in Entrepreneur, touted the reasons why you should really treat your lunch break like a break. The article makes it clear that the cognitive break gained from a true lunch can really affect your work. Efficiency, productivity, accuracy, energy and stress are all compromised when you don’t take the needed respite from key-banging and problem-solving.

WebMD also notes a big drawback to eating at your desk—you’re not focusing on the food in front of you. Studies have shown that a lack of focus contributes to eating more while not feeling fully satisfied—not to mention that “dining at your desk can create a field day for bacteria”.

The Daily News also notes that eating at your desk leads to a consumption of more calories total, and more calories from junk food.

The jury’s out. Eating real food (and enjoying it) for lunch is in.

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