Culinary Trends 2017: The Butcher, The Baker, The Fake Meat Maker

I must admit, seeing two of the top culinary trends for 2017 leaning towards the “art of butchery” hurts a little. It wasn’t too long ago that I made my living with a small little German Butcher Shop right here in New Jersey. Ten years later terms like charcuterie, artisan butcher, pasture raised blah blah blah are flooding the market. That “blah blah blah” is just me being a little hurt that the small butcher, aka artisan butcher market, is on the rise. I have to say that’s a good thing!

Growing up my mom would make a stop at the Lutz Pork Store, walk across the street to the local produce market, grab some fish on the corner and a fresh loaf of baked bread from Carmine’s. Then came the age of the mega-market… The one that had everything you could get in ONE stop and for a better price. Well, the slow food movement is SLOWLY becoming a reality. The way we treat our produce, or fresh catch, our livestock and our soil are changing and we all need to get back to the way mom used to do it. Like the saying goes, “try organic food, or as our grandparents used to call it – food.”

Here we are heading into 2017 and we’re going back in time, well sort-of…

Below are 3 of the top culinary trends coming your way in 2017, as reported by Anna Domanska on (Follow Anna Domanska on Twitter, Facebook & Google):

Eat-in Butcher

Image result for butcher meats on the block charcuterie
Artisan butchers are now adding an eat-in option in their shops. Parts & Labor in Baltimore now lets you pick up a cut of meat of your choice, along with a board of house cured meats, pork chops, sausages, and beer. Shank Charcuterie in New Orleans serves steak and eggs at their dining counter in the butcher shop.

In 2017, be all for eat-in butcher, and let the dust on your grill hold out.

Wake and Bake – not that kind!

Image result for dark chocolate cake
Don’t be surprised when chocolate cake will show up as a bite-sized hors d’œuvre on breakfast menus in 2017. Liz Moscow, the culinary director at Sterling Rice Group, an advertising firm based in Boulder, Colorado says food-chains and restaurants will incorporate a robust breakfast dessert menu in the coming months.

A study conducted by Tel Aviv University found that eating chocolate for breakfast can help reduce weight because it reduces cravings. Moreover, in a study published by the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study it was noted that dark chocolate can improve cognitive function and enhance memory, abstract reasoning, and focus. So, keep your forks ready when chocolate cake for breakfast goes mainstream!

Faux Meat

Image result for vegetarian burger beyond meat
Companies like Beyond Meat are replicating the experience of eating animal meat. This vegan meat is made of plant substitutes and feels and tastes like actual meat. While some are simply creating fake meat because they actually taste better, others see it as a way to decrease animal cruelty.

There’s also an influx of vegetable ‘butcher shops’ in Toronto and Minneapolis. Here, herbivorous butchers sell vegan deli meats – meatless sausages, meatballs, ribs, and burgers. Moreover, some of the most renowned San Francisco chefs have now put a veggie burger on their menus. Looks like faux vegan is taking a delicious turn in 2017.

As we “sail out to see” what 2017 has in store, let’s go back to small spots; the local butcher who can tell us where our food is coming from, the local farm where the nutrition is still in our produce. Try a new fish like some wild-caught porgy from Point Pleasant. This is a trend that we are working to ensure becomes the norm.

Alan Daehnke
Vice President of Culinary and Innovation
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