Fall Feature Recipe: Baked Ricotta with Balsamic Roasted Red Grapes

Did you know that more than 72 million tons of grapes are grown annually around the world? This is more than apples, bananas, and oranges that we always think of as the most popular fruits. However, because of their versatility, only a small portion of grapes are grown to be eaten fresh. The majority is turned into wine, other for raisins, jelly, and juice.

These delicious berries are currently in season and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. While they are good for your overall health, they are especially beneficial to your heart. I can’t think of a better recipe for Fall to make you feel warm and cozy than this Baked Ricotta with Balsamic Roasted Red Grapes.


Baked Ricotta

1 quart superfina ricotta

1 egg, beaten

2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper

Zest of one lemon

1/4 cup grated pecorino Romano

1 teaspoon fresh thyme, finely chopped

Balsamic Roasted Grapes

1 quart seedless red grapes, clean and dried

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon good quality aged balsamic vinegar

Pinch salt



For Baked Ricotta:

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with a spoon.

Lightly grease a baking dish with olive oil.

Spoon in ricotta mixture, bake at 375 for 25 minutes or until browned.

For Balsamic Roasted Red Grapes:

Stir all ingredients together until grapes are coated.

On a sheet pan lined with parchment, spread grapes in an even layer.

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or until grapes slightly split open.


Serve baked ricotta warm with a bowl of balsamic roasted grapes and a sliced baguette.


Jessica Marotta
Executive Chef
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