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Warren Leeds and his partner, Chris Schiavone teamed up after college, intrigued by the idea of making their careers in the world of hospitality.

Starting with a retail gourmet market and cafe they opened their doors in 1985. The partners’ experience producing excellent food and service on a modest retail level convinced Warren and Chris they could take their concept into the broader marketplace. They believed and understood that the ‘missing link” in so much of what customers expected had not been achieved by other foodservice companies—no matter their size. Dartcor’s growth over the years has been based on delivering food and service comparable to fine retail restaurants, providing the personal attention to detail that defines dining excellence.

A visit to any Dartcor account will provide you with a dining experience far exceeding your expectations. The food is, of course, of highest quality, sourced from local farms wherever possible, then prepared by chefs and cooks who are excited by their work. Our company recruits from fine culinary schools and from the best restaurants, providing us with a passionate, professional staff that is determined to be the lynchpin of a team that wins every day. Sitting down to a breakfast or a lunch in any of Dartcor’s corporate dining centers—many of which they have designed and built– will convince you that you’re in a top-flight executive dining facility.

That experience is the one that Dartcor desires and delivers for all of our clients’ employees. We know, and it has been borne out in study after study, that employees who are delighted with their dining amenity will have a more positive attitude toward their employer. When that dining experience is expressly designed to enhance every employee’s health and well-being—the results are healthy for everyone!*

Creating an exciting dining experience for guests who are going to be daily customers requires thoughtful planning: all the time. What will be the favorite dishes? What health and wellness program will best suit this group of employees? How do we create menus that pique the interest of guests three or four times a week?

Do some of your employees have allergy issues? We train each of our employees to prepare for all of these concerns—and to find solutions for them. We also think about your relationship to the community at large–how to handle disposables, water usage and energy consumption. We consider these our problems to solve and we constantly assess our ability to provide this all-important amenity for your employees at a cost that will meet your budget parameters.

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Choosing Dartcor means establishing a relationship with our foodservice company that is run by its president, who is always a phone call away. That personal connection means Dartcor’s president and top management team is immediately available to deal with any issue that arises, without going through layers of management. Dartcor’s culinary team is trained to provide carefully prepared food in an immaculate environment designed to meet the most stringent health codes. These two are absolute givens, but they are followed by a support team of professionals who train and retrain our staff, monitoring our purchases on your behalf, including daily alerts from the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, Jersey Fresh, and the USDA, who alert us daily on all possible concerns from farm or seaport to our door.

Our technical staff is further supported by our Marketing and Health and Wellness team who constantly analyze food trends, new products coming onto the market and most important, the latest, best information on keeping everyone in your firm well-nourished and healthy.

Our “Better For You” program was designed to meet the demands for a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. We work to coordinate with you and your Human Resources Department to track the progress of the employees who choose to join Better For You. This program offers a quantifiable bottom line reduction in employee medical insurance costs as well as a verifiable increase in productivity.

We invite you to tour our state of the art commissary, which is home base for Ome Caterers, our award-winning catering division. Ome offers you catering for your company’s important events and special milestones. The staff of impeccably trained servers and our culinary team are the “bench” you can rely on to make memorable any event you host.

Dartcor’s Hospitality Services will take care of all of your dining and entertaining requirements. While so doing, we will provide your employees with tangible evidence of your concern for their wellbeing, an invaluable relationship that we at Dartcor accept as our mandate.

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Designed specifically for office delivery, Dartcor's catering menus feature delicious and nutritious dishes.

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Dartcor's commitment to running the best-managed cafes and food service facilities is unparalleled in the industry.

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