Pants Still Tight? These 4 Easy Tips Can Help!

So it has been over a month since the holidays have ended but many of our bodies (or at least our pants) still feel like it was yesterday. These four tips are easy to incorporate into your daily routines and can help you build healthy habits.

Drink Water

Water is extremely essential for every major organ and system in your body. We literally would die without it, yet it is something most of us deprive ourselves of on a daily basis. First, it helps dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to the body. Second, it lessens the burden on the kidney and liver by flushing out waste products. Make sure you are drinking at least eight 12 ounce glasses of water a day.

Breakfast & Lunch

Since the majority of events with tempting unhealthy foods and drinks happen at night, make sure you are preparing healthy nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch. After a night of fun, we tend to get up late and stop at the first coffee or bagel shop to grab an unhealthy breakfast.  DON’T DO IT! Prepare early in the week by cooking hard-boiled eggs so you have a healthy protein for breakfast and stock whole grain bread or muffins in the freezer at home or work for a nutritious carb to satisfy you.

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No, I’m not recommending you drink it, but I am going to offer advice on what type of alcohol is best if you’re going to have a few cocktails.  Which let’s face it, it’s inevitable for most of us, and honestly, I believe you should enjoy a few!

White Wine Spritzer:  Spritzers are a great choice because you can have four of them yet only really be consuming two glasses of white wine.  Make sure you ask the bartender to split it 50/50!

Red Wine:  A glass of red wine can actually be healthy.  From providing glowing skin to preventing breast cancer, red wine (in moderation), can truly have amazing benefits for the body.  Enjoying more than one is when it can become unhealthy, but as a general rule, red wine is on the “good” list.

Vodka Soda:  Vodka soda is very low in calories.  Really, any liquor mixed with straight soda would fit into this category, but stay away from the juices, ginger ale, or anything else besides straight soda water (seltzer).  They are filled with sugar and chemicals that the body has a very hard time digesting, especially along with everything else you are consuming.

Beer:  This is last on the list and for good reason.  Most Lagers (even light ones) are over-processed and made from GMO adjuncts.  If you’re going to drink a beer don’t worry about the calories and go for a Stout.  Stouts contain not only Vitamin B12 and soluble fiber but also antioxidants.  So the famous “Guinness is good for you” campaign from the 1920’s may have some truth behind it.


Finally, do not forget to keep an exercise routine. It’s so easy to just say “I will get back into it next week,” but going over a month without any physical activity makes it that much harder. At a minimum, go to yoga, Pilates, whatever makes you feel good at least once a week and walk 20 mins to one mile four times a week. And remember to always take the stairs!

Angelina Policastri
Nutritional Therapist
Vice President of Business Development
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